City of Ice

I truly enjoyed this book. I especially liked the way the author moves between the characters, but allowed the listener to become "attached" to the central characters. From Julia to Saint Mars (M5) to some of the detectives, the listener is enthralled with trying to figure out who is the good guy and who is the bad cop. I couldn't wait to hear every chapter of this book. I love John Farrow's stories.
A Faithfull Reader - 11-12-15

I listened to the audio version of this Emile Cinq-Mars book after reading another of Mr. Farrow's book with the same detective. The narrator, Steve Scherf, really made the book come alive for me, from the local haunts to the icy cold of the city. His voice has just the right kind of resonance to tell this kind of story, an added dimension that made the characters spring off the page and into my imagination. As much as I enjoyed this book, the enjoyed the narration just as much and will look for more of Mr. Scherf's work to enjoy his telling of each story.
M. Grafton - 10-26-15

First a disclaimer: I lived in the Montreal area for years, and listening to Steve Scherf read John Farrow’s “City of Ice” brings back a lot of memories. Eating at Ben’s, trying to navigate the streets near McGill in the winter (or sometimes even the summer) brings back many fond memories. 

And another disclaimer: Jon Farrow has been one of my favorite authors with his “City” series, and Steve Scherf is my favorite audio-book narrator.

This is Farrow’s (pseudonym for Canadian author Trevor Ferguson) first book in his series featuring Montreal Detective Émile Cinq-Mars, a detective in the Montreal Urban Community Police Department. The book revolves around the biker wars that occurred in the 1980’s and the line the Police straddled between letting the bikers eliminate themselves and keeping order. The catalyst is the murder of a young child, caught in the wrong place when a car bomb exploded during the biker war, an event that did happen.

Cinq-Mars, literally translated as “March the Fifth” is an honest cop in a corrupt police department, whose survival in the police force is by the sheer volume of high profile, very public, arrests he makes. His partner, the man he is mentoring, is a young Anglophone who loves Montreal as much, perhaps more, than Cinq-Mars, and together they form a team that stands out in the Montreal police. Their relationship is one that is familiar to many Francophone and Anglophones who worked together in Montreal, outwardly joking about their respective cultures, but for the most part, just working together. This is a good representation of Canadian diversity and culture at its best.

The book itself starts a bit slow, then builds to the point where I was regretting that this was an audio book; I actually found myself sitting in my driveway listening to it until my wife eventually came to find out why I wasn’t going inside. 

The narration was what I expected from Scherf. The pace was good and the voices as fantastic as always.

If you like police procedurals or thrillers, if you like books based on real events, if you want some insight into the “Two Solitudes” of Quebec or the multicultural aspects of a cosmopolitan city like Montreal, then this is a fantastic book. If you want to hear a first class audio book, then this is a must.

Marc (Leroux) - USA 08-28-15


High Crimes

This One Will Hook You!
As a fan of William Deverell novels, I was looking forward to listening to his best seller on my upcoming road trip. It wasn’t long into the trip before I was hooked by this lively tale of a high-seas drug smuggling operation with its cast of colorful characters and twisting plot lines. But it wasn’t just Deverell’s magic that had me hooked. While I had expected to hear the typical interesting but mainly monotone voice of a narrator, out jumped the voices of what you would swear were real life people: Peter the Newfoundland rogue and captain of the rusting freighter, a double-crossing sleazy Toronto lawyer, Rudy the DEA agent and ex-CIA killer, a cannabis growing Colombian senator, a sexy French Canadian seductress and Johnny Nighthawk - the American native who gives us the inside story of what the smugglers are facing on the freighter. Incredible that all the unique voices in this book come from just Steve and Maggie Scherf. I’m usually good for only an hour or two while behind the wheel, but I couldn’t stop listening to these animated characters and the treacherous murder mystery into which they had fallen.
01-19-13 Anne (Canada)

High Crimes is the best of William Deverell's books, and they're all great. This one follows a couple of Newfoundlanders on a drug deal, and the flavour and personality of the true Newf comes straight through the text. Highly entertaining, exciting, funny and, I suspect, more accurate than most of us realize. A book to be read again and again. 5 stars all around!
4-19-04, Cindy Keezer, Halifax, NS, Canada


It ranks close to the top of my reading list. Very interesting and suspenseful. I loved the narration and the distinction of characters, makes for a better listening.
6-12-13 Y. Madison, MS. USA


...a sensational and complex wise-cracking drama, hilarious at times, and superbly brought to life by the very talented Steve Scherf and Maggie Scherf. The repartee is exceptional, the twists and turns bewildering. You will want and need to listen to High Crimes more than once, but this is a tour de force presentation – exactly the kind of production that is winning audiences in all parts of the globe and makes the audiobook one of the most exciting mediums of the present time. Stunning.


High Crimes is a great story, particularly when read by Steve and Maggie Scherf. I listen to a lot of audio books and I didn't realize how bland some of them are, most being read with only light inflections (if any at all) to distinguish between the characters. If you enjoy audio books, then pick this one up, simply as a demonstration of how books should be read. It's easy to distinguish the characters, the accents are incredibly well done, and the reading clear and a pleasure to follow. Great book. Fantastic reading. 5 stars.
04-13-13 Marc (USA)


I'll See You In My Dreams

A Wonderful Listen

Where does I’ll See You in My Dreams rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?
I drive between major cities and love audio books. Steve Scherf's performance is the best I have ever heard. Here's why: There is immediate suspension of disbelief and the story unfolds like a conversation with an old friend. As mentioned in my Amazon review, this is the sort of novel where you put on an old cardigan, throw a log on the fire and enjoy....

Who was your favorite character and why?
It has to be the protagonist: Arthur Beachamp (Beecham!) around whom the story is centered. Steve Scherf brings him to life without over embellishing the role. Maybe this is what works so well: the subtleties and nuances of the character are what make this story so compelling.

Have you listened to any of Steve Scherf’s other performances before? How does this one compare?
This was my introduction to Steve Scherf's work. I listen to many audio books - some are 'hammy' and others are wooden or stilted. Lastly, I was amazed: Steve makes no errors in the entire read. I realize that there is editing involved but, nonetheless, this is an impressive feat!

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?
A question of life.

Any additional comments?
Please see my review of the book on Amazon. I was delighted by William Deverell's careful crafting of this novel.

12-20-14 Sim Brigden (Canada)

Great Entertainment!
Steve Scherf’s narration of William Deverell’s I’ll See You in My Dreams is a tour de force. One quickly comes to recognize each character’s distinctive voice and mannerisms. As Scherf speaks one is transported to and immersed in the scene. You find yourself seated in the public gallery of a 1960’s courtroom, watching the contestants as they spar and feeling the tension build. Then you are back in the present, relaxing on the patio of a sleepy island coffee shop and eavesdropping on the unique cast of local characters as they trade the latest gossip. Deverell has a gift for developing characters; Scherf has the ability to bring them to life.
12-8-14 Anne (Canada)

This book is Deverell's best yet!
Steve Scherf did a great job in the audio version. I used this book as my incentive to take my daily walk and it served its purpose, as I looked forward to losing myself in the drama as I trudged through sub zero temperatures in a cold Wisconsin December.
12-4-14, A Faithful Reader, Wisconsin.

Have you listened to any of Steve Scherf’s other performances before? How does this one compare? 
Easily compares to his best works... was probably my best experience with one of Deverell’s books. As usual, this man of a thousand voices made a character-rich book very easy to follow, and very enjoyable to listen to. He brings the characters to life, and has captured the “voice” of the early 1960’s when the bulk of the story takes place. Great book, great narration. What’s not to like?
12-01-14, Marc (USA)

This entertaining audiobook narrated by Steve Scherf is... complex, yet realistic with brilliant courtroom scenes which are William Deverell’s trademark. This audiobook also provides the listener with a discerning glimpse into life in British Columbia in the early 1960’s.

11-8-14 Susan Keefe (

His different voices and accents were right on.
09-20-2014 - H. Barr

Kill All the Lawyers


This book could have been difficult to listen to. It jumps from character to character, locale to locale, and while it may have been easy to follow in print form, listening to it while dodging traffic in a car could have been challenging. The reason that it wasn't is entirely due to the tremendous narration of Steve Scherf. He doesn't just read the narrative, he brings the characters to life, each with a distinctive voice. It is a genuine pleasure to hear him narrate the book. Good book, excellent narration - 5 stars.
04-13-13 Marc (USA)


"Another Excellent Performance"
What made the experience of listening to Mecca the most enjoyable? As I continue to explore the world of audiobooks, those read by Steve Scherf consistently top my list as the Best Yet. His performance is delightfully engaging and compels the listener to stay tuned. Evocative music and sound effects add another dimension to the story and bring the scenes to life. William Deverell's novels are guaranteed mystery and excitement, and this gripping spy-thriller was no exception. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I look forward to listening to many more of Scherf's performances.
01-07-15, Alyssa, Vancouver, B.C.

Deverell's background as a journalist and an attorney are prevalent in the early stages of this audiobook. Narrator Steve Scherf quickly assumes a rapid pace for the story, told through the eyes of an ex-CIA agent who is coerced into the high-stakes world of global terrorism. Scherf skillfully transitions his voice from hostages to interrogators using a wide variety of global dialects, with Beverley Elliot skillfully voicing the female characters. Though published decades ago, Deverell's lightning-quick pace and smart dialogue are as relevant as ever, even lending humor and sarcasm to the frenetic plot. A blend of terrorists and guns for hire called the Rotkommando is charged with stopping an international plot of espionage and terror as audible bullets fly.

S.C. © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine [Published: APRIL 2014]

In another characteristic Deverell case of corruption, intrigue and politics, Mecca is an astounding tour de force of fast-paced drama and black humour. The complexities of the plot are too convoluted to summarise, but there is plenty here to intrigue, to surprise, to amuse and to entertain.

Slack Sawchuck realises his life in Cuba is at an end. A former member of a political pressure group, he attempts to sidestep an American arrest warrant by flying to Canada. On the plane, relaxing with his second drink, Slack falls into confident conversation with the guy in the next seat. His nonchalance comes to an abrupt end, however, when he realises the man is on the plane to take him into custody.

But, in typical Deverell style, it turms out that Slack’s lawyer has swiftly managed to organise a full pardon for him, with pension –  if he agrees to help the Feds and infiltrate the Rotkommando to find out what the so-called Mecca operation is all about. Then the fun starts.

Once again, Steve Scherf and Beverley Elliott put in bravura performances – breathing new life into sometimes forgotten or neglected works. I’d like to hear this couple tackle some hard-nosed pulp detective stories. Their approach to the audiobook genre is genuinely groundbreaking – producing more a radio performance than a simple narration. Talented and enterprising, this is exactly the way the medium should be moving in the twenty-first century.

Buy William Deverell’s Mecca. You won’t be disappointed.
2013 AudioBooksReview


Once again William Deverell has comprised a story with twists, turns, surprises and an astonishing end. He intertwines the story with history and current events that not only make the reader interested in learning more, it makes you more aware of how our own government and those in control are being controlled by others. I am a new William Deverell fan and will anxiously await his next publication.

12-04-13, A  Faithful Reader, Wisconsin.

...the hours just zipped by as we became completely engrossed in the action, suspense and characters. We idled at the edge of gas stations waiting for a chapter to end, not wanting to miss a moment. We took the optional long route home, hyped on adrenalin and not wanting the suspense to end.

Deverell creates the characters; Scherf brings each to life with a bang-on voice that puts them right into your car. If you're looking for some great entertainment on your next road trip, check this duo out. Believe me, you'll be happy you did.

11-05-13 Anne (Canada)

What makes it exceptional is the performance that Steve Scherf and Beverley Elliott provide. I love listening to books narrated by this duo. Even with a large cast of characters, Scherf provides unique accents, inflections and mannerisms to each, and does this in a way that never detracts from the novel itself. For a novel that is really focused on characters this becomes a fine line to navigate, and they really nail this. It’s always a pleasure to hear these two bring novels to life, and in this case, it’s another 5 star performance.

8-28-13 Marc, United States


I enjoyed the book very much. It was an interesting story that kept me engaged til the end. The idea of mind control by the government was most interesting. A lot of audio books have one voice trying to become both male and female voices. Having both voices adds to the ability to understand the different characters. It  was an enjoyable book and easy to follow.
06-17-14 H. Barr, Denver, USA.

Deverell Has Done It Again!
 The story is intriguing, the characters are believable and the narration gives them each a very distinct personality. They do a great job. Listen to the audio version, it's worth it. You'll create vivid scenes in your head as the plot is revealed. I listened to this book on my walk each day, and it made me walk longer just so I could keep listening. 
06-25-14 A Faithful Reader, Wisconsin, USA 

Great book. Fantastic narration.
February 25, 2014, Marc (USA)


"Brilliant interpretation"
This is such an original approach to audible books that it could shake up the market. Steve Scherf is a man of many voices, all of which come to life, and he shows a deep understanding of Needles, a thriller that launched my career... 5 stars all around.
03-04-13 William Deverell, author, Needles (Canada)

Simply spectacular
There is so much to admire in this that it repays more than a single listen. And you will find yourself looking forward to returning to such a fine piece of audio theatre. The dramatised performance of the book by Steve Scherf and Maggie Scherf is simply spectacular. When great actors come to a great narrative the results are unforgettable. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

One of the reasons I love audiobooks is that it allows me the freedom to do other things as I listen to the story. However, the way in which Steve and Maggie Scherf present this novel made me want to do nothing more than sit back and enjoy the story. Truly a delight to listen to. Steve Scherf brings a certain articulation and enthusiasm to his performance that is perfectly matched to William Deverell's courtroom-drama. Music and sound effects were used deliberately and discretely, successfully lending yet another dimension to their storytelling. The performance kept me on the edge of my seat...
12 -4 -14, Alyssa

Needles is a crime masterpiece! In my top 10 all time favorite books!
Needles in audio format is an auditory and literary treasure. I mark it as such for its masterful compilation of acerbic and witty narration, clean, quick and grippingstoryline, and subtle yet enhancing sound effects such as gun shots and train whistles.  Needles was, simply, fantastic, and even more likeable for its 70’s era crime noir, Ed McBain black comedy feel. 
02-07-14 Audiobook review by Trish Bricker

03-30-13 A Faithful Reader, Wisconsin, USA

Do you like exciting,
captivating audible books while you’re on the road? The kind of “page turner” that entices, or even forces you to drive around the town you have just entered until you get to the end of the chapter? Yes? Then you know what I am talking about and you need to get yourself a copy of Needles.
09-10-13 Anne, Canada

Mr Deverell's book was intially reviewed as quite a page-turner. Scherf provides an audio counterpart, a story you just don't want to end. I thoroughly recommend it, and, perhaps even more, Mr. Scherf's superb recreation. 5 stars.
06-08-13 Patricia, Canada

I have much enjoyed "rereading" the book via the audio version as produced by Steve Scherf. He has an amazing knack for voices, and carries off the narrative in a seamless and interesting fashion.
05-21-13 Robert W.

The tone and delivery were right on target. I listened to the book during a long 7 hours drive to Halifax and didn't get tired of listening, just got lost in the book.
05-06-13 Jean, Edmunston, NB Canada

03-30-13 A Faithful Reader, Wisconsin, USA

This is such an original approach to audible books that it could shake up the market. Steve Scherf is a man of many voices, all of which come to life, and he shows a deep understanding of Needles, a thriller that launched my career... 5 stars all around.
03-04-13 William Deverell, author, Needles (Canada)

Miss Susie's Reading and Observations. If you like gritty crime/lawyer books I'd give this one a try. Steve Scherf has an impressive arsenal of different voices and dialects.

It was quite amazing to listen to the different characters in their distinctive voices. In this book it was difficult to believe that all the characters were coming from these two narrators. Five stars for the narration.
2-20-13 Marc (United States)

This audiobook has great music and great production values. Five stars for the narration.
2-10-13 Barbara R. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)


There is so much to admire in this that it repays more than a single listen. And you will find yourself looking forward to returning to such a fine piece of audio theatre. The dramatised performance of the book by Steve Scherf and Maggie Scherf is simply spectacular. When great actors come to a great narrative the results are unforgettable.  Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Theives Like Us

Simply spectacular ... There is so much to admire in this that it repays more than a single listen. And you will find yourself looking forward to returning to such a fine piece of audio theatre. The dramatised performance of the book by Steve Scherf and Maggie Scherf is simply spectacular. When great actors come to a great narrative the results are unforgettable. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Marc's thoughts on Thieves Like Us (August 31, 2016)

Would you consider the audio edition of Thieves Like Us to be better than the print version?
Absolutely. The narration brought the story to life. It was much easier to listen to than it would have been to read.

What did you like best about this story? I
t’s the late 1930’s – the depression has hit America full bore. Banks are failing, people are losing their life savings and the bankers seem to have enough money to keep their extravagant lifestyles. Thieves Like Us was written by Edward Anderson, published in 1937, and represents the start of the “Noir” genre, popularized by writers like Hammett and Chandler. The story focuses on three criminals who escape from an Oklahoma prison and revert to the one thing that they know well – robbing banks. The language that Anderson uses is vivid; representative of the pulp fiction of the time. He doesn’t pull punches with the dialog, racial interaction is described as it was in the 1930’s in the south, and violence is treated matter-of-factly, neither sectionalizing it, nor downplaying it. This is a classic noir novel, and to some it may feel dated, but it is very representative of the style of pulp fiction of that time, but more important, it captures the spirit of how people lived through that time.

Steve Scherf does a great job reading this. As usual, he makes it easy to distinguish the characters and nails the pace and timing perfectly. To be honest, I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed the book if I was reading it – Scherf’s narration really made this a delight to listen to. More Details You're getting this notification because you follow Marc on Would you like to stop following Marc?

"An engaging, captivating listening experience!"

Would you listen to Thieves Like Us again? Why?
Yes, to further explore the logic of the thieves and their interpersonal relationships.

What did you like best about this story?
I enjoyed the relationships between the crooks and how Steve Scherf was able to accurately portray each character so that I could be in the scene with them ...robbing banks, running from the law, telling jokes! Each character's voice had a unique tone and inflection; so well delivered that it was easy to detect who was speaking. Although the plot was very familiar, Steve was able to bring a fresh and natural approach to the voices which made me eager to listen whenever I could!

Which character – as performed by Steve Scherf – was your favorite?
Mobley, because I could visualize his face even his clothes and style of walking At times I liked him and then he would perform a despicable act so I'd feel a strong dislike. I liked how the excellent depiction of Mobley could swing my emotions.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?
Ever loyal, never without heart

Any additional comments?
I look forward to acquiring more of Steve Scherf's audiobooks to enjoy during the next long Alberta winter!

Overall Performance, Story: Captivating.
You will be pulled into the story of three gangsters from the thirties who are fearless when it comes to robbing banks and shooting cops. Their friendship shows a softer side in their loyalty to one another. Steve Scherf keeps the listener engaged and wanting more as each chapter ends. 

A Faithful Reader, 04-25-16