by William Deverell


by William Deverell
Copyright 1979

9 hours, 19 minutes

Read by Steve Scherf and Maggie Scherf
Produced, recorded and edited by Ian Tarasoff
Cover Art copyright 2012 Darren Sleno
Sound Design copyright 2012 Jeff van Dyck
Special thanks to Howard Redekopp
Executive Producer: William Deverell

I.S.B.N. 978-1-894144-04-9

Print edition of novel available at:


One of the reasons I love audiobooks is that it allows me the freedom to do other things as I listen to the story. However, the way in which Steve and Maggie Scherf present this novel made me want to do nothing more than sit back and enjoy the story. Truly a delight to listen to.
Steve Scherf brings a certain articulation and enthusiasm to his performance that is perfectly matched to William Deverell's courtroom-drama. Music and sound effects were used deliberately and discretely, successfully lending yet another dimension to their storytelling. The performance kept me on the edge of my seat...
12-4-14,  Alyssa

Needles is a crime masterpiece! In my top 10 all time favorite books!
Needles in audio format is an auditory and literary treasure. I mark it as such for its masterful compilation of acerbic and witty narration, clean, quick and grippingstoryline, and subtle yet enhancing sound effects such as gun shots and train whistles.  Needles was, simply, fantastic, and even more likeable for its 70’s era crime noir, Ed McBain black comedy feel. 
02-07-14 Audiobook review, Trish Bricker

03-30-13 A Faithful Reader, Wisconsin, USA



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The unanimous and enthusiastic first choice of an international panel of judges for the Seal First Novel Award - is a tense and thrilling courtroom drama exposing some of the most brutal aspects of Vancouver's heroin trade.

Deverell's powerful novel centres on the harrowing confrontation between a brilliant prosecutor, on the edge of personal disaster, and his quarry Dr. Au, a man whose bizarre and bloody acts are the ultimate expression of evil.

Here are the people connected with Vancouver's criminal world - the prostitutes, pushers, hit-men, and the undercover police. In pursuit of survival in a world pervaded by corruption, they are motivated by their own private obsessions, and find themselves linked in unusual and unexpected ways.

Imbued with the raw sensuality of the street, Needles is a fast-paced and exciting narrative, which carries the listener to a sudden and terrifying climax.