by William Deverell


by William Deverell
Copyright 1990.
7 hours, 25 minutes

Read by Steve Scherf and Maggie Scherf
Recorded and Mixed by Ian Tarasoff
Sound Design by Mihali Schindle
Cover by Laurie Wallace
Produced and Edited by Steve Scherf
Executive Producer William Deverell.
ISBN 978-1-894144-08-7

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I enjoyed the book very much. It was an interesting story that kept me engaged til the end. It was an enjoyable book and easy to follow.
June 17, 2014 H. Barr, Denver, Co., USA

Great book. Fantastic narration, 
February 25, 2014, Marc (USA)



It is twenty below in Montreal, and for the first time in twenty-five years detective Kellen O'Reilly is going to pieces. Flashbacks frequently take him back to the psychiatric clinic of Coldhaven Manor and the terrifying experiments of Dr. Gregor Satorius.

Now taken to court by his former patients, Satorius is accused of brainwashing them with dangerous drugs and powerful electric shocks. But just reading about the much-publicised trial is enough to blow Kellen's mind. Eager to occupy himself he concentrates on an investigation into a series of inexplicably brutal murders.

But along with Sarah Paradis, glamorous defence counsel for Satorius' fragile victims, Kellen is only drawn deeper into a web of intrigue. Somewhere in the shadowy corners of his memory Kellen knows he has the key to the killers' identities. But he will need to take a mind-altering drug and a nightmarish return to Coldhaven if he is to escape them.