by William Deverell


by William Deverell
Copyright 1983
11 hours, 54 minutes

Read by Steve Scherf and Beverley Elliott
Recorded, Edited, and Mixed by Ian Tarasoff
Sound Design by Mihali Schindle
Cover by Laurie Wallace
Produced by Steve Scherf
Executive Producer William Deverell
ISBN: 978-1-894144-06-3


"Another Excellent Performance"
What made the experience of listening to Mecca the most enjoyable? As I continue to explore the world of audiobooks, those read by Steve Scherf consistently top my list as the Best Yet. His performance is delightfully engaging and compels the listener to stay tuned. Evocative music and sound effects add another dimension to the story and bring the scenes to life. William Deverell's novels are guaranteed mystery and excitement, and this gripping spy-thriller was no exception. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I look forward to listening to many more of Scherf's performances.

01-07-15, Alyssa, Vancouver, B.C.

Deverell's background as a journalist and an attorney are prevalent in the early stages of this audiobook. Narrator Steve Scherf quickly assumes a rapid pace for the story, told through the eyes of an ex-CIA agent who is coerced into the high-stakes world of global terrorism. Scherf skillfully transitions his voice from hostages to interrogators using a wide variety of global dialects, with Beverley Elliott skillfully voicing the female characters. Though published decades ago, Deverell's lightning-quick pace and smart dialogue are as relevant as ever, even lending humor and sarcasm to the frenetic plot. A blend of terrorists and guns for hire called the Rotkommando is charged with stopping an international plot of espionage and terror as audible bullets fly.

S.C. © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine [Published: APRIL 2014]



Once again William Deverell has comprised a story with twists, turns, surprises and an astonishing end. He intertwines the story with history and current events that not only make the reader interested in learning more, it makes you more aware of how our own government and those in control are being controlled by others. I am a new William Deverell fan and will anxiously await his next publication.

12-04-13, A  Faithful Reader, Wisconsin.

...the hours just zipped by as we became completely engrossed in the action, suspense and characters. We idled at the edge of gas stations waiting for a chapter to end, not wanting to miss a moment. We took the optional long route home, hyped on adrenalin and not wanting the suspense to end.
Deverell creates the characters; Scherf brings each to life with a bang-on voice that puts them right into your car. If you're looking for some great entertainment on your next road trip, check this duo out. Believe me, you'll be happy you did.
11-05-13 Anne (Canada)



An extremist warlord is about to unleash the world's deadliest shock troops. The Rotkommando - a fusion army of expert terrorists, political fanatics and psychotic killers armed with a fail-save masterplan. Codeword... MECCA.

Now the Rotkommando is poised on the brink of a crazed kamikaze mission to nuke Israel and ignite World War III. Only three people on earth have the power to stop them: a burned-out poet with delusions of grandeur; a devout nymphomaniac with a taste for blood; a desert guru who communes with camels.

From Montreal, New York and Washington to Paris, Berlin and Saudi Arabia, MECCA thunders at white-knuckle speed through the knife edge worlds of espionage and terrorism. Where violence is a way of life. And time is always running out...