Kill All The Lawyers

by William Deverell

Kill All the Lawyers

Kill All The Lawyers
Author: William Deverell
Copyright: 1992

3 hours, 36 minutes
Read by Steve Scherf and Beverley Elliott
Abridged and Produced by Jim Brown
Cover Art copyright Daniel Deverell
Recorded and Edited by Gerry Gagnon
Original Score by Michael Creber
Additional Stings by Ross Barrett

I.S.B.N. 978-1-894144-01-8




This book could have been difficult to listen to. It jumps from character to character, locale to locale, and while it may have been easy to follow in print form, listening to it while dodging traffic in a car could have been challenging. The reason that it wasn't is entirely due to the tremendous narration of Steve Scherf. He doesn't just read the narrative, he brings the characters to life, each with a distinctive voice. It is a genuine pleasure to hear him narrate the book. Good book, excellent narration - 5 stars.
04-13-13 Marc (USA)



Arthur P. Besterman, criminal lawyer and reformed alcoholic, was the first to go. Counsel to Vancouver's assorted shifters and grifters, Besterman almost always lost his cases. But a recent victory defending a low-life client might be a clue as to why he was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat. Then someone takes a pot shot at philandering lawyer Brian Pomeroy after he successfully defends a group of highly controversial eco-terrorists. And so the pattern begins. All of a sudden, lawyers whose clients are less than savoury start second-guessing the ethics of their profession. Going to court becomes dangerous, no one wants to be the next on the so-called "Executioner's" hit list.

In a cat-and-mouse game involving the better part of Vancouver's legal community, Pomeroy's firm (the famous Pomeroy, Macarthur, Brovak and Sage from the best-selling Dance of Shiva) pieces together a puzzle that points to some very disturbing truths about lawyers and the law. As one sleazy lawyer after another disappears, the listener can't help but ponder the wisdom of Shakespeare's dictum, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."