What's your fantasy? I'll See You in My Dreams

I'll See You in My Dreams

by William Deverell

I'll See You in My Dreams

I'll See You in My Dreams
by William Deverell

by William Deverell
Copyright 2011
15 Hours, 11 minutes
Narrated, Recorded, Edited, and Produced by Steve Scherf
Executive Producer: William Deverell
Cover by Laurie Wallace
Sound Design by Mihali Schindle
Mixed by Ian Tarasoff
Proofed by Catherine Smith
Special Thanks to Howard Redekopp



A Wonderful Listen

Where does I’ll See You in My Dreams rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?
I drive between major cities and love audio books. Steve Scherf's performance is the best I have ever heard. Here's why: There is immediate suspension of disbelief and the story unfolds like a conversation with an old friend. As mentioned in my Amazon review, this is the sort of novel where you put on an old cardigan, throw a log on the fire and enjoy....

Who was your favorite character and why?
It has to be the protagonist: Arthur Beachamp (Beecham!) around whom the story is centered. Steve Scherf brings him to life without over embellishing the role. Maybe this is what works so well: the subtleties and nuances of the character are what make this story so compelling.

Have you listened to any of Steve Scherf’s other performances before? How does this one compare?
This was my introduction to Steve Scherf's work. I listen to many audio books - some are 'hammy' and others are wooden or stilted. Lastly, I was amazed: Steve makes no errors in the entire read. I realize that there is editing involved but, nonetheless, this is an impressive feat!

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?
A question of life.

Any additional comments?
Please see my review of the book on Amazon. I was delighted by William Deverell's careful crafting of this novel.

12-20-14 Sim Brigden (Canada)

Great Entertainment!
Steve Scherf’s narration of William Deverell’s I’ll See You in My Dreams is a tour de force. One quickly comes to recognize each character’s distinctive voice and mannerisms. As Scherf speaks one is transported to and immersed in the scene. You find yourself seated in the public gallery of a 1960’s courtroom, watching the contestants as they spar and feeling the tension build. Then you are back in the present, relaxing on the patio of a sleepy island coffee shop and eavesdropping on the unique cast of local characters as they trade the latest gossip. Deverell has a gift for developing characters; Scherf has the ability to bring them to life.
12-8-14 Anne (Canada)

This book is Deverell's best yet!
Steve Scherf did a great job in the audio version. I used this book as my incentive to take my daily walk and it served its purpose, as I looked forward to losing myself in the drama as I trudged through sub zero temperatures in a cold Wisconsin December.

12-4-14, A Faithful Reader, Wisconsin.

Have you listened to any of Steve Scherf’s other performances before? How does this one compare? 
Easily compares to his best works... was probably my best experience with one of Deverell’s books. As usual, this man of a thousand voices made a character-rich book very easy to follow, and very enjoyable to listen to. He brings the characters to life, and has captured the “voice” of the early 1960’s when the bulk of the story takes place. Great book, great narration. What’s not to like?

12-01-14, Marc (USA)



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In 1962, Arthur Beauchamp is  about to undertake his first murder trial. His defendant is Gabriel Swift, a politically active young aboriginal accused of killing Professor Dermot Mulligan, a former mentor to both men. Arthur becomes increasingly convinced that the police evidence against Gabriel is not only flimsy, but suspiciously convenient in a system - and a society - with entrenched racist assumptions. But as the case progresses, Arthur develops an uncomfortable sense that Gabriel is not telling him the whole truth. And to make matters worse, the green young lawyer is up against a wily veteran of the courts and a clever but biased judge.

Five decades later, Arthur remains haunted by the case. Finally, he is compelled to return from  retirement to try and complete what he began all those year ago. He  must pass through some murky and long-repressed personal territory along the way, but the journey ultimately offers hope for  the peace of redemption

Executive Producer: William Deverell

ISBN: 978-1-894144-10-0



What's Your Fantasy? I'll See You in My Dreams