by William Deverell

Hiigh Crimes

by William Deverell
Copyright 1981

3 hours, 30 minutes

Read by Steve Scherf and Maggie Scherf
Abridged, produced and directed by Jim Brown
Recorded and edited by Gerry Gagnon
Cover Art copyright 1998 Darren Sleno
Music by Michael Creber, *Mad Pudding, **Dick Damron
Executive Producer: Steve Scherf
*Funk Reels copyright SOCAN 1994
** Oceano de la Noche, Oceano Pacifico copyright Sparwood Music SOCAN 1997 and Mirage copyright Sparwood Music SOCAN 1990
I.S.B.N. 978-1-894144-00-1

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High Crimes is the best of William Deverell's books, and they're all great. This one follows a couple of Newfoundlanders on a drug deal, and the flavour and personality of the true Newf comes straight through the text. Highly entertaining, exciting, funny and, I suspect, more accurate than most of us realize. A book to be read again and again. 5 stars all around!
4-19-04, Cindy Keezer, Halifax, NS, Canada


It ranks close to the top of my reading list. Very interesting and suspenseful. I loved the narration and the distinction of characters, makes for a better listening.
6-12-13 Y. Madison, MS. USA


...a sensational and complex wise-cracking drama, hilarious at times, and superbly brought to life by the very talented Steve Scherf and Maggie Scherf. The repartee is exceptional, the twists and turns bewildering. You will want and need to listen to High Crimes more than once, but this is a tour de force presentation – exactly the kind of production that is winning audiences in all parts of the globe and makes the audiobook one of the most exciting mediums of the present time. Stunning.


High Crimes is a great story, particularly when read by Steve and Maggie Scherf. I listen to a lot of audio books and I didn't realize how bland some of them are, most being read with only light inflections (if any at all) to distinguish between the characters. If you enjoy audio books, then pick this one up, simply as a demonstration of how books should be read. It's easy to distinguish the characters, the accents are incredibly well done, and the reading clear and a pleasure to follow. Great book. Fantastic reading. 5 stars.
04-13-13 Marc (USA)


I'm usually good for only an hour or two while behind the wheel, but I couldn't stop listening to these animated characters and the treacherous murder mystery into which they had fallen. Five stars for the narration.
1-19-13 ANNE (Canada)

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From Colombia to a hidden cove in Newfoundland, modern day Robin Hood Peter  Kerrivan and his ship of merry men are tracked by a NASA satellite, set up by the cop who couldn't bring him to ground, RCMP Inspector Harold Mitchell. But has Mitchell gone too far? He's hired unscrupulous ex-CIA Rudy Meyers... who needs big bucks to fund his Cuban reinvasion force. Senator Publio Victor Paez has put all his chips on Kerrivan and Meyers, handing them the single biggest treasure to ever leave the shores of South America: $300,000,000 worth of Colombian sensemilla. Betrayal, murder and chaos stalk 'Captain Jackpot' and Johnny Nighthawk from Montreal to Cartagena, with a stop-off in Miami, but when they slip through the Coast Guard net, officials in high places must scramble to cover up. Even Kerrivan's own Toronto lawyer, James Peddigrew, is willing to sell his client down-river for a price: the release of cocaine-smuggling stewardess Marianne Larochelle.

The high crimes reach right to the top with Canadian cabinet minister Jean Luis Lesard sweating to cover up at any cost: Mitchell's man Meyers, with U.S. State Department immunity, may have dealt the drugs and murdered Kevin Kelly and a Cuban-collaborator while in the employ of Her Majesty, the Queen. Good cops RCMP Sergeant Theo O'Doul and DEA Special Agent Jessica Flaherty are the only two in the mix with a hope of solving this tangle of High Crimes and bringing Kelly's murderer to justice.