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City of Ice

by John Farrow

City of Ice

by John Farrow
Copyright 1999
16 hrs 19 min
Cover by Laurie Wallace
Recorded, Narrated, Edited, Produced by:
Steve Scherf
Mixed by: Ian Tarasoff,
Thanks to Howard Redekopp
Executive Producer: Trevor Ferguson
Copyright c 2015

ISBN: 978-1-894144-12-4

John Farrow - Bio

Tortured, then murdered, a university student dressed up as Santa Claus is left hanging from a meat hook on Christmas Eve - a gift intended for one particular cop. Detective Emile Cinq-Mars, local hero and old-style cop, wants the truth - and his gripping search takes him through a bone-chilling Montreal winter and into the heart of the city's colourful criminal underworld, where rival biker gangs, the Russian Mafia and meddlers from the CIA all vie for a piece of the frozen city.



I truly enjoyed this book. I especially liked the way the author moves between the characters, but allowed the listener to become "attached" to the central characters. From Julia to Saint Mars (M5) to some of the detectives, the listener is enthralled with trying to figure out who is the good guy and who is the bad cop. I couldn't wait to hear every chapter of this book. I love John Farrow's stories.
A Faithfull Reader - 11-12-15


I listened to the audio version of this Emile Cinq-Mars book after reading another of Mr. Farrow's book with the same detective. The narrator, Steve Scherf, really made the book come alive for me, from the local haunts to the icy cold of the city. His voice has just the right kind of resonance to tell this kind of story, an added dimension that made the characters spring off the page and into my imagination. As much as I enjoyed this book, the enjoyed the narration just as much and will look for more of Mr. Scherf's work to enjoy his telling of each story.
M. Grafton - 10-26-15


First a disclaimer: I lived in the Montreal area for years, and listening to Steve Scherf read John Farrow’s “City of Ice” brings back a lot of memories. Eating at Ben’s, trying to navigate the streets near McGill in the winter (or sometimes even the summer) brings back many fond memories. 

And another disclaimer: Jon Farrow has been one of my favorite authors with his “City” series, and Steve Scherf is my favorite audio-book narrator.

This is Farrow’s (pseudonym for Canadian author Trevor Ferguson) first book in his series featuring Montreal Detective Émile Cinq-Mars, a detective in the Montreal Urban Community Police Department. The book revolves around the biker wars that occurred in the 1980’s and the line the Police straddled between letting the bikers eliminate themselves and keeping order. The catalyst is the murder of a young child, caught in the wrong place when a car bomb exploded during the biker war, an event that did happen.

Cinq-Mars, literally translated as “March the Fifth” is an honest cop in a corrupt police department, whose survival in the police force is by the sheer volume of high profile, very public, arrests he makes. His partner, the man he is mentoring, is a young Anglophone who loves Montreal as much, perhaps more, than Cinq-Mars, and together they form a team that stands out in the Montreal police. Their relationship is one that is familiar to many Francophone and Anglophones who worked together in Montreal, outwardly joking about their respective cultures, but for the most part, just working together. This is a good representation of Canadian diversity and culture at its best.

The book itself starts a bit slow, then builds to the point where I was regretting that this was an audio book; I actually found myself sitting in my driveway listening to it until my wife eventually came to find out why I wasn’t going inside. 

The narration was what I expected from Scherf. The pace was good and the voices as fantastic as always.

If you like police procedurals or thrillers, if you like books based on real events, if you want some insight into the “Two Solitudes” of Quebec or the multicultural aspects of a cosmopolitan city like Montreal, then this is a fantastic book. If you want to hear a first class audio book, then this is a must.

Marc (Leroux) - USA 08-28-15



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